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This is one of my favorites games to have ever played. Months after playing it, I still can't stop thinking about it. Truly a masterpiece of a game, with a complex main character and some really hard choices. My ONLY complaint with the game is that the ending is very dragged out and I kept thinking I was playing the last scene, only for more scenes to pop up. However, the final scene was... wow. Never saw it coming. I NEED more games in this series expanding on this story. Seriously, everyone should play this. 11/10. 

too much to bear my heart races when i play this game ........i wonder why.......answer its anima


Holy shit! The plot, the character design, the writing, the soundtrack - all so good! A sequel is a must.


Do it. Just do it. Great characters, dialogue, art, music, thrills, etc.

They haven't abandoned the next part, it's just taking a long time because they want to get it right.

libre es cada uno 



This... this is really great. The pacing was good, as the writing and music must have been. Even though we are provided an idea of what the plot is like, it's still unexpected. The psychological aspects are great, too. Are there any updates from the team making this? I'm awe-struck that this is over two years old and yet I've missed it.

Does anyone know how to get this game to start on Mac? It says its Mac compatible but I can't start the game after unzipping the file. I open it but nothing happens. My OS is High Sierra version 10.13.6. If anyone figures it out please let me know. Thanks!


hey is this purly read or are there choices?


There are a lot of choices. For spoiler's sake, you should discover them on your own.

i hope you dont mind! i will be streaming your game on my youtube channel and my site will be writing an article about the game aswell. we have a developer spotlight so people can see new and upcoming games that are under the raider. so far im really digging this game. i want more people to know about it. ill include a link to this page so more people can grab the demo

Interesting :)


I love this, everything about it.

I made a video on this, I am planning on doing a whole series play through for it. You can watch it at the this link.


Lovely :)


This is incredible! I'd say it's one of my two favourite visual novels ever! (And I've played a lot of them!)

I also favour female protagonists, so I started playing this with some trepidation, but a few minutes in and I was hooked. I like it so much I've played it four times! In a few weeks I might go for a fifth play XD

Can't wait for the second part. (And thanks for making it free. Much as I would love to pay I don't have a credit card so I can't. Amazed that something so good can be free...)

I, too, tend to play VNs with female protagonists and found this amazing. It's probably number two of my three most favorite VNs ever (maybe number one if I get around to re-playing the current number one and finding out if my opinions change). It'd also be great if the second part is free, but it's so rare to see this much quality that, for myself, I'd consider saving up for the sequels.  I really hope the team behind this is doing alright. I can't believe this is two years old!!


this game is so f-ing awesome, now i usually dont like to play games with a male protagonist (well i'd prefer to play as female) but i thought to myself this might be worth checking out, at best it would only waste a couple of hours of my life, but you, my dear writer (writers?) have earned my respect, i am glad i spent 10+ hours on this, and i hope to see more from you in the future

It's writers


This thing is a rollercoaster of emotions. I loved it. I hope the second part gets released soon!

I've just started the game but man if the music is as good as it is right now i'll play it purely to have my ears experience constant ecstacy.


I... I... oh please please please... don't back out on the sequel... I'm a-DYIN' here... I keep checking back to see if there's a kickstarter or greenlight request (ie: meaning... it's possible for us, the fans, to help you!).

I think the peach is ... really cute. I seriously crave peaches while playing this game...

Until now, I've stuck with free VNs and demos of commercial ones. But after this game, I wouldn't mind them being commercial. At least, not Lucid9. I probably won't be able to afford it at once, but I'd be willing to wait and save just to support the creators. The writing was pretty good!


Is there anyway for me to download this zip in parts rather than all at once?

Deleted 4 years ago

Can you at least warn me before spoiling it? lol

Dude... I didn't even download it yet, I don't even know who that is but I know he dies :( Hopefully multiple endings??

There are plenty different endings.